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Kei Yoshimura (kei@iis; Prof.)

isotope meteorology, land surface processes, dynamical downscaling, paleoclimate, data assimilation

Kumi Miyagi (kumiyagi@iis; secretary)

Miho Mawatari (mihomawa@iis; secretary)

Takao Yoshikane (takao-y@iis; Project Associate Prof.)

Atmospheric water cycle process, Climate change due to the artificial landuse, Impacts of global warming, Radioactivity materials dispersion of nuclear power plants considering water cycle process, Paleoclimate

Tomoko Nitta (t-nitta@iis; Project Research Associate)

Terrestrial hydrological cycles in cold regions, land-atmosphere coupling, land surface modelling

Yukihiko Onuma (onuma@iis; Project Researcher)

Development of land and snow microbial model

Ma Wenchao (wma@iis; Project Researcher)

Research on construction of real-time estimation system for large-scale hydrologic cycling

Kinya Toride (kinya@iis; JSPS Research Fellow)

Data assimilation, water isotope, atmospheric river, historical weather

CAUQUOIN, Alexandre Philippe (cauquoin@iis; JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowships for Research in Japan)


Masahiro Koike (masahiro@rainbow.iis; Senior Collaborator)

Isotope measurement, monitoring

Akane Saya (s-akane@iis; D3)

The simulation of atmospheric diffusion of 137Cs and 131I by using IsoRSM

Fumiaki Moriyama (fumiaki@iis; D3)

Dynamical downscaling with atmosphere-ocean coupled model

Xiaojun GUO (xiaojun@iis; D3)


Inna SYAFARINA (inna@iis; D3)


Yosuke Miura (yo-miura@iis; D2)


Akira Takeshima (take1994@iis; D1)

River management design, Remapping algorithm of spherical coordinates

Xiaoxing Wang (wangxx@iis; D1)


Akira Harada (harada@iis; M2)


Subhawickrama Chamin Lakmal (subha@iis; M1)


Risa Hanazaki (risa-28@iis; M1)


Ryota Arai [r-arai@iis; M1)



Mika Ichino (National Institute of Informatics)

Yusuke Satoh (NIES)

Atsushi Okazaki (RIKEN)

Misako Hatono (Tohoku University)

Hiroko Ida

Zhongwang Wei (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich)

Kosuke Yamamoto (JAXA)


Alumni (except students) / Research Topics

Kenshi Hibino (Project Researcher; 2016/10-2018/9)

Quantitative evaluation of uncertainty in climate change projection, Land-Atmosphere Interaction, Development of flood alert system using satellite data

Suryun Ham (project researcher; 2013/7-2015/6)

Dynamical downscaling using regional atmosphere-ocean coupled model

Ana Maria Duran Quesada(guest researcher; 2014/12-2015/2)

Isotope modeling for Central America, Eastern Tropical Pacific and the
Intra Americas sea region

Chun-Ta Lai (guest Assoc. Prof.; 2013/12-2014/2)

Improving isotope parameterization on land in GCMs

Eun-Chul Chang (project researcher; 2012/7-2014/2)

East Asian summer monsoon changes, dynamical regional climate downscaling

Zhongfang Liu (JSPS PD fellow; 2011/10-2013/12)

water isotope, teleconnection, Tibetan Plateau

Gang Liu (visiting researcher; 2012/4-2012/11)

boundary layer meteorology and modeling