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**AGU三日目 [#tdd04942]
***Morning [#tbb60949]
 Moved to Comfort Inn by the Bay
 ランチにJapan Centerの「札幌屋」でラーメン。メチャウマではないけど、満足した。量が多い。

***Afternoon 1 [#hd92c81b]
 PP33B Global Monsoon Change
 13:40 Z. Liu: Abrupt change of vegetation and precipitation in N. Africa.
 Annual stochastic forcing cannot make abrupt change (As the matter of fact!!)
 Decadal forcing does.

 14:00 K. Yang: ECPC/NCEP with CEOP data
 ECPC's sensible heat is strange

 14:20 T. Koike: Introduction of CEOP framework
 SWING is counted. Huum.

 14:40 K. Hsu: HRPP vs CEOP gauges

 15:00 E.A. Herland (ESA): TRAQ(Air quality), PREMIER,  A-SCOPE, CoReH20(Snow)
 Air quality (NO2, O3, CO, SO2, HCHO, CH4)

 15:15 F.Su: TRMM in La Plata.

 15:30 K. Yang: Diurnal variation in P
 Less rain in 18LT. <- Strat/Convec rainfall dominancy change??

*** Evening [#rf130893]
 Bread bowl cram chawder at Boudin Sourdough in Fisherman's Wharf. 

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