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-Installed [[rss10pp:http://logue.tk/?Web%E7%B4%A0%E6%9D%90%2FPukiWiki%2Frss10pp.inc.php]]  which feed description to RSS. --  &new{2007-05-24 (Thu) 08:54:35};
-[[IsoGSM description>research/Memo/ECPC/IsoGSM]] started. --  &new{2007-05-23 (Wed) 18:01:35};
-change skin, menu bar, and some [[ECPC memos>research/Memo/ECPC]]. --  &new{2007-04-26 (Thu) 11:22:06};
-[Site Moved] This website was transferred from IIS/Komaba to IIS/Kashiwa. --  &new{2018-04-13 (Fri) 14:12:27};
-[Site Moved] The website was transferred from Scripps to IIS. --  &new{2010-11-24 (Wed) 13:16:00};
-[AccessAnalysis] [[ClustrMaps:http://www.clustrmaps.com/]] installed. See the very bottom of menu. --  &new{2009-03-13 (Fri) 12:03:52};
-[AccessAnalysis] BBClone installed. See [[here:http://hydro.iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp/~kei/bbclone]] --  &new{2007-11-04 (Sun) 11:28:03};
-[Pukiwiki] includex.inc.php installed. First 10 lines for News and Updateare shown in the top page. --  &new{2007-11-02 (Fri) 22:37:51};
-[AntiSpam] Another CAPTCHA filter is installed. --  &new{2007-08-15 (Wed) 20:10:49};
-[CV] [[Selected presentations>CV#g15e2763]] are updated. --  &new{2007-08-07 (Tue) 11:18:52};
-[AntiSpam] Anti-spam filter is introduced. If not work, please tell me. --  &new{2007-06-19 (Tue) 02:07:32};
//-[Appearance] New skins. Please tell me which one you like! //[[i_blue:http://meteora.ucsd.edu/~kyoshimura/i_blue.php]], //[[i_orange:http://meteora.ucsd.edu/~kyoshimura/i_orange.php]], //[[simple2:http://meteora.ucsd.edu/~kyoshimura/simple2.php]], //[[orangebox:http://meteora.ucsd.edu/~kyoshimura/orangebox.php]], 
//[[cloudwalk:http://meteora.ucsd.edu/~kyoshimura/cloudwalk.php]], //[[GS:http://meteora.ucsd.edu/~kyoshimura/gs.php]], or
//[[original:http://meteora.ucsd.edu/~kyoshimura/orig.php]] --  &new{2007-06-11 (Mon) 14:42:32};
-[Pukiwiki] Memo on pcomment and attach plugins --  &new{2007-06-08 (Fri) 09:29:23};
-[Appearance] [[rss10pp:http://logue.tk/?Web%E7%B4%A0%E6%9D%90%2FPukiWiki%2Frss10pp.inc.php]]  which feed description to RSS is installed. --  &new{2007-05-24 (Thu) 08:54:35};
-[Research] [[IsoGSM description>research/Memo/ECPC/IsoGSM]] started. --  &new{2007-05-23 (Wed) 18:01:35};
-[Appearance] Skin and menu bar are updated. --  &new{2007-04-26 (Thu) 11:22:06};
-[Research] [[ECPC memos>research/Memo/ECPC]] are updated . --  &new{2007-04-26 (Thu) 11:22:06};