* Tracer Experiment (and Colored Moisture Analysis; CMA) [#hd7b8211]


** General Info. [#wde7af0a]
- Change "ntrac_" in define.h.
- ntrac_=2 is taken by ozone, so that numbers more than 3 are available.
- Tracers will not be output in grib files by default. subpgb.F should be modified to include them to grib output files.
- Tracers will be output to sigma files (sig.ftXX).
- By default, tracers (ntrac_>3) are just air-equivalent particles. Will not be diminished nor increased without certain modification.

** General Info for CMA [#jba97603]
- Modification is required to add the same behavior as water particularly by precipitation processes (convection, shallow convection, and large scale condensation), and evaporation process from surface boundary.

** Specification for CMA [#l75cded3]
-New subroutines
-- None
-Modified subroutines
-- moninp.F : for evaporation process from surface boundary
-- gbphys.F : for precipitation processes.
-- subpgb.F : for output.

** Step by step [#yfdce7b2]

** Notes [#a9e87c41]