*Syllabus of ADVANCED HYDROLOGY (2021) [#sb632ed3]

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Updated on 2021/3/22

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**Lecturers [#v3e8692a]
Kei Yoshimura, Dai Yamazaki, Hyungjun Kim, Kenshi Hibino, Kazuo Oki, Taikan Oki, Yohei Sawada

**Hours [#p8931ca4]
Tuesday and Friday 16:50-18:35
**Venue [#k0c24ef9]
Online. URL will be announced at UTAS/ITC-LMS.

**Email [#l52e59e6]
-Kei YOSHIMURA (kei"at"iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp)
-Hyungjun KIM 
-Kenshi HIBINO
-Kazuo OKI 
-Taikan OKI

**Recommended Text [#ve97d51c]
-Brutsaert, 2005, “Hydrology: An Introduction”, Cambridge Univ. Press 
(both Japanese and English version are available)

**Topics [#fed96dc8]
- Global Hydrological Cycle incl. Water/Energy Balance Eq. 
- Atmospheric Dynamics 
- Precipitation 
- Evapotranspiration 
- Runoff and River Flow / Flood statistics / Rainfall-Runoff Models
- Ground water hydrology
- Isotope Hydrology and Reanalyses 
- Environmental Ecology and Modelling 
- Water Quality
- Remote Sensing of Water Quality 
- Urban Water System

**Evaluation [#e6aaf991]
-30%  Lecture Attendance
-20%  Reports (occasionally given)
-50%  Final exam

**Lecture Dates [#ef3bd463]
[Updated on 3/22]
+4/6 Guidance / Radiation and Water-Energy Balance (Yoshimura)
+4/9 Atmospheric dynamics (Yoshimura)
+4/13 Precipitation (Hibino)
+4/16 Evapotranspiration (Yoshimura)
+4/20 Runoff and River Flow / Flood statistics /Rainfall-Runoff Models (Yamazaki)
+4/23 Ground water hydrology (Yamazaki)
+4/27 Cutting-edge of hydrological modeling (Yamazaki)
+4/30 Isotope hydrology (Yoshimura)
+5/7 Remote sensing of water quality (Oki K.)
+5/11 Advances in modeling and remote sensing of hydrology (Kim)
+5/18 Climate change and anthropocene (Kim)
+5/21 Ecological hydrology (Sawada)
+5/25 Global hydrology (Oki T.)
+6/1 Final Exam