Testing CRSM (C2R) Part I

Two ways to use C2R version of RSM (aka CRSM) are explained.
CRSM downscales coarse resolution regional files to finer resolution regional domain.

  1. Run RSM with NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis (R1) boundary conditions. And then use the output files in CRSM. 28 vertical levels both for coarse and fine regional runs.
  2. Run RSM with GSM forecasts that Jack Ritchie runs. He prepares subdomain data for users. Use the data in CRSM. 18 vertical levels both for coarse and fine resolution runs.

Currently, vertical interpolation from L18 to L28 for C2R does not work. I need volunteers to debug this part of the code. If it is debugged, you are able to downscale 18 level input (coarse regional) to 28 level (fine regional) in the experiment 2.

Part I explains the first experiment.

First, go to Running RSM with rsim script and run RSM with NCEP/NCAR Reanalsyis (R1) boundary condtions. And then return to this page.