Alumni/Thesis title

Alumni / Thesis title

Subhawickrama Chamin Lakmal (2020M)

Estimation of Realistic Precipitation by Applying Machine Learning for Bias-Correction

Akane Saya (2015M, 2020D)

(2020D) Simulation of wet deposition distribution using an advection-diffusion model for radioactive materials

(2015M) Investigation on formation of the hotspot and uncertainty analysis of radioactive material transport simulation in the atmosphere

Inna SYAFARINA (2020D)

Improvement of Malaria Transmission Model by Calibration of Surface Water Formation Parameter and Future Projection over Africa

Akira Harada (2018B, 2020M)

(2018B) Proposal for new method of paleoclimate reconstruction by applying advanced technology in field of signal processing

Xiaojun GUO (2019D)

Study on Air-Sea Interaction over East Asia Using a Regional Atmosphere-Ocean Coupled Model

Satoru Shoji (2019M)

Study on proxy data assimilation aimed at climate reconstruction for the last millennium 

Akira Takeshima (2017B, 2019M)

(2019M) Couping of global water resource model H08 to integrated land simulator ILS and validation of coupled system

(2017B) Relationships between flood arrival time and geography of the basins in Japan

Masataka Tada (2019M)

Improving weather forecast by assimilating water vapor isotopes ratio

Risa Hanazaki (2019B)

Challenge to numerical flood forecast in the Tone River basin using a river model incorporating flood control

Panduka NELUWALA (2018D)

Reconstruction of Historical Weather with Data Assimilation Using Old Diaries

Misako Hatono (2013B, 2015M, 2018D)

(2018D) Study on Global Sediment Dynamics Modeling

(2015M) Implementation and Impact Assessment of Inundation Processes in a Climate Model

(2013B) Development of realtime global flood risk calculation system using land surface & river flood forcast model

Yuta Ishitsuka (2016B, 2018M)

(2018M) Toward the Seamless Application of Global Flood Forecasting: A development and Validation of Global and Regional prediction system

(2016B) Development of ensemble flood forcast system using numerical weather prediction data

Tomoaki Itaya (2018M)

Development of downscaling method for hydrometeorological field using deep learning

Daisuke Nomoto (2017M)

Study on large scale moisture transport processes associated with heavy rainfall using stable water isotopic information

Yutaro Yabu (2015B, 2017M)

Validation and data assimilation of river discharge from Terrestrial Model with 1km-resolution over Japan

Muhammad Hasnain ASLAM(2016M)

Climate change impact on sediment yield

Atsushi Okazaki(2012M, 2016D)

stable isotope modeling for climatology and hydrology, climate proxy assimilation

Zhongwang Wei(2016D)

isotope enabled watershed modeling, data assimilation in hydrological modeling

Kiyotaka Mukaida (2014B, 2016M)

Sediment transport, Real-Time High-Resolution Flood Prediction

Amelia Lee Zhi Yi (2015M)

Simulating I131 pathways in the waters from Fukushima to Kanto: A case study for March 2011

Mehwish Ramzan (2015D)

Changes in precipitation and temperature extremes over South Asia using dynamical downscaling of climate change prediction results

Yusuke Sato (2011M, 2014D)

Study of impact of the water resources management on projected future change of drought

Rajan Bhattarai(2014D)

Study of economic damage due to pluvial flood in Japan and the world and the impact of climate change

Xiaogang He(2013M)

Diurnal Cycle of Precipitation in West African Monsoon Region: Observation and Model Simulation

Tomoko Nitta (2012D)

A study on land surface modeling for the pan-Arctic terrestrial hydrological cycles

Keitaro Kojima (2011M)

A study on stable water isotope in surface seawater by isotope incorporated-GCM and coral proxy records

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