JSPS Postdoctral fellowship for foreign researchers

JSPS provides 2-year PD fellowship program every half year.

A PD or an expecting PD should apply through a host researcher (Yoshimura). Please contact me sufficiently earlier than the deadlines, i.e., April or August. The chance of acceptance is about 1/6 (getting severer these days).

PhD or Master course student from foreign countries

For both PhD and Master courses, there are two different departments to have my supervision. One is Department of Natural Environmental Studies (NENV), and the other is Department of Civil Engineering (Civil)

My supervision in both departments are exactly the same (themes may be different). Please decide your preferred department regarding to your background, future plan, and so on.

Some scholarship programs are available.

Research Student

In NENV, it is possible to join as a research student.


It's case by case. Please make a contact.


See Address page.