Curriculum Vitae of Kei YOSHIMURA

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  • Feb., 2006: Ph.D, Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo.
  • Sep., 2002: MSc in Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo.
  • Mar., 2000: BSc in Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering, the University of Tokyo.
  • Sep., 2001- Mar., 2002: MA in Management as an exchange student, University of Durham Business School, UK.


  • Mar. 2010-present: Associate Professor in Center for Climate System Research
  • Mar. 2010-present: Associate Professor in Institute of Industrial Science
  • Aug. 2008-Feb. 2010: Assistant Project Scientist in Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD.
  • Apr. 2007-Jul. 2008: Assistant Professor in Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo.
  • Oct. 2006-present: Invited Researcher in Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology.
  • Jun. 2006-May 2008: Visiting Scholar in Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD. (JSPS research fellowship)
  • May 2004-Mar. 2007: Research Associate in Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo.
  • Oct. 2002-Apr.2004: Technical Research Fellow in Japan Science and Technology Agency.

Scientific Interests (as of Jan 2009)

  1. Study on processes of the stable water isotopes (D and 18O) circulation
  2. Dynamical downscaling
  3. Data assimilation
  4. Study on terrestrial hydrologic cycles (river and land surface models)
  5. Biogeochemical cycle (particularly CO2, 13C, and 18O)

Details are appeared at research


Papers with reviews (E10/22, J6/8, S0/4):

In Web of Science, my publication can be found by putting TOPIC:"water", AUTHOR:"YOSHIMURA K", and ADDRESS:"Univ Tokyo".

Submitted/In revision

  1. Welp, L., R.F. Keeling, H.A.J. Meijer, A.F. Bollenbacher, S.C. Piper, K. Yoshimura, R.J. Francey, C.E.Allison, and M. Wahlen, El Nino effects on the isotopic composition of oxygen in atmospheric CO2, submitted to Nature.
  2. C.-L. Jiang, S.T. Gille, J. Sprintall, K. Yoshimura and M. Kanamitsu, Spatial variation in turbulent heat fluxes in Drake Passage, submitted to J. Clim.
  3. Bekelhammer, M., L. Stott, K. Yoshimura, K. Johnson, and A. Sinha, Synoptic and mesoscale controls on the isotopic composition of precipitation in the southwestern US, submitted to Clim.Dyn.
  4. Song, J-I., S-Y. Hong, H-W. Kim, S-J. Ham, K. Yoshimura and M. Kanamitsu, Efficient data assimilation using an incremental vertical interpolation method for regional models, submitted to Wea. Forecast, in revision.

Published/In print (English)

  1. NEW! Fudeyasu, H., K. Ichiyanagi, K. Yoshimura, S. Mori, N. Sakurai, J.-I. Hamada, M.D. Yamanaka, J. Matsumoto, and F. Syamsudin, Effects of large-scale moisture transport and mesoscale processes on precipitation isotope ratios observed at Sumatera, Indonesia, JMSJ, in print.
  2. Yoshimura, K., M. Kanamitsu, and M. Dettinger, Regional downscaling for stable water isotopes: A case study of an Atmospheric River event, J. Geophys. Res., 115, doi:10.1029/2010JD014032, 2010. [JGR]
  3. Kanamitsu, M., K. Yoshimura, Y-B Yhang and S-Y Hong, Errors of interannual variability and trend in dynamical downscaling of Reanalysis, J. Geohpys. Res., 115, doi:10.1029/2009JD013511, 2010. [JGR]
  4. Schneider, M., K. Yoshimura, F. Hase, and T. Blumenstock, The ground-based FTIR network's potential for investigating the atmospheric water cycle, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 10, 3427-3442, 2010. [ACP]
  5. Miller, N.L., P. Duffy, D. Cayan, H. Hidalgo, J. Jin, H. Kanamaru, M. Kanamitsu, T. O'Brien, N. Schlegel, L. Sloan, M. Snyder, K. Yoshimura, An evaluation of simulated California climate using multiple dynamical and statistical downscaling techniques, CEC Report, CEC-500-2009-017-F, 2009. [CEC]
  6. Frankenberg, C., K. Yoshimura, T. Warneke, I. Aben, A. Butz, N. Deutscher, D. Griffith, F. Hase, J. Notholt, M. Schneider, H. Schrijver, T. Röckmann: Dynamic processes governing lower-tropospheric HDO/H2O ratios as observed from space and ground, Science, 325, 1374-1377, 2009. [AAAS]
  7. Abe, O., S. Agata, M. Morimoto, M. Abe, K. Yoshimura, T. Hiyama, and N. Yoshida, A 6.5-year continuous record of sea surface salinity and seawater isotopic composition at Harbor of Ishigaki Island, southwest Japan, Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies, 45, 247-258, 2009. [IW]
  8. Yoshimura, K. and M. Kanamitsu, Specification of external forcing for regional model integrations, Mon. Wea. Rev., 137, 1409–1421, 2009. [AMS]
  9. Uemura, R., Y. Matsui, K. Yoshimura, H. Motoyama, N. Yoshida, Evidence of deuterium excess in water vapour as an indicator of ocean surface conditions, J. Geophys. Res., 113, doi:1029.10/2008JD010209, 2008. [AGU]
  10. Yoshimura, K., M. Kanamitsu, D. Noone, and T. Oki, Historical isotope simulation using Reanalysis atmospheric data, J. Geophys. Res, 113, D19108, doi:1029.10/2008JD010074, 2008. [AGU]
  11. Fudeyasu, H., K. Ichiyanagi, A. Sugimoto, K. Yoshimura, A. Ueta, M.D. Yamanaka, K. Ozawa, Isotope ratios of precipitation and water vapor observed in Typhoon Shanshan, J. Geophys. Res., 113, D12113, doi:10.1029/2007JD009313, 2008. [AGU]
  12. Yoshimura, K., T. Sakimura, T. Oki, S. Kanae, and S. Seto, Toward flood risk prediction: a statistical approach using a 29-year river discharge simulation over Japan, Hydrol. Res. Let., 2, 22-26, 2008. [JSTAGE]
  13. Yoshimura, K. and M. Kanamitsu, Dynamical global downscaling of global reanalysis, Mon. Wea. Rev. 136, 8, 2983-2998, 2008. [AMS]
  14. Islam, M.S., T. Oki, S. Kanae, N. Hanasaki, Y. Agata, K. Yoshimura, A grid-based assessment of global water scarcity including virtual water trading, Water Resources Management 21(1), 19-33, 2007. [Springer]
  15. Henderson-Sellers, A., M. Fischer, I. Aleinov, K. McGuffie, W.J. Riley, G. Schmidt, K.Sturm, and K. Yoshimura, Stable water isotope simulation by current land surface schemes: Results of iPILPS phase 1, Glob. Planet. Change, 51, 34-54, 2006. [Sci.Dir.]
  16. Yoshimura, K., S. Miyazaki, S. Kanae, and T. Oki, Iso-MATSIRO, a land surface model that incorporates stable water isotopes, Glob. Planet. Change, 51, 90-107, 2006. Abstract [Sci.Dir.]
  17. Ichiyanagi, K., K. Yoshimura, and M.D. Yamanaka, Validation of changing water origins over Indochina during the withdrawal of the Asian monsoon using stable isotopes, SOLA, 1, 113-116, 2005. [JSTAGE]
  18. Shinoda, T., H. Uyeda, and K. Yoshimura, Structure of moist layer and sources of water over the southern region far from the Meiyu/Baiyu front, J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 83, 137-152, 2005. [JSTAGE]
  19. Yoshimura, K., T. Oki, and K. Ichiyanagi, Evaluation of two-dimensional atmospheric water circulation fields in reanalyses by using precipitation isotopes databases, J. Geophys. Res., 109(D20), doi:10.1029/2004JD004764, 2004. Abstract [AGU]
  20. Yoshimura, K., T. Oki, N. Ohte, and S. Kanae, Colored moisture analysis estimates of variations in 1998 Asian monsoon water sources, J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 82, 1315-1329, 2004. Abstract [JSTAGE]
  21. Yoshimura, K., T. Oki, N. Ohte, and M. Koike, Development and verification of a vertical integrated two dimensional water isotope circulation model. J. Hydrosci. and Hydraul. Eng., Vol. 21, pp. 25-35, 2003.
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Published/In print (Japanese)

  1. NEW! 芳村圭,気象・気候と水の安定同位体比との関わり.気象研究ノート第220号,1-14, 2009.
  2. NEW! 芳村圭,水同位体比のためのモデリングとモデルを用いた解析.気象研究ノート第220号,79−108,2009.
  3. 芳村圭・一柳錦平,東アジアにおける降水d-excess季節変動に関する再考察.水文・水資源学会誌,22, 262-276, 2009.[JSTAGE]
  4. 瀬戸心太,芳村圭,沖大幹,高分解能衛星降水マップによる日本域の洪水検出能力,水工学論文集, 52, 355-360, 2008.
  5. 芳村圭,岡澤毅,キムヒュンジュン,瀬戸心太,小岩祐樹,沖大幹,鼎信次郎,気象庁メソ予報モデルGPVを用いた日本域河川流量予測システムの構築と検証,水工学論文集第51巻,403-408, 2007. filesuiko07.pdf
  6. 石崎安洋,芳村圭,沖大幹,鼎信次郎,CCSR/NIES 5.4g水同位体大循環モデル:改善のための感度実験,水工学論文集第50巻,93,2006.
  7. 芳村圭,小池雅洋,沖大幹,大手信人, 地表面蒸発散による分別過程を考慮した水同位体陸面モデル及び流下スキームの構築, 水工学論文集第48巻, pp.229-234, 2004. filesuiko03.pdf
  8. 芳村圭,沖大幹,大手信人,小池雅洋, 水の安定同位体(18O)の鉛直積分型水平2次元循環モデルの構築と検証, 水工学論文集第47巻, pp.109-114, 2003. filesuiko02.pdf


  1. NEW! 芳村圭・一柳錦平・杉本敦子(編),気象研究ノート第220号「気象学における水安定同位体比の利用」,日本気象学会,ISBN978-4-904129-03-6,129p,2009


  • 川の百科事典

Unrefereed Articles/Ext.Abstract/Reports/Essays

In English

  1. NEW! K. Yoshimura and M. Kanamitsu, Global dynamical downscaling of reanalysis with bias correction, In proceedings of 3rd WCRP International Conference on Reanalysis, Tokyo, Jan 28 - Feb 1, 2008.
  2. NEW! K. Yoshimura, M. Kanamitsu, T. Oki, and J. Roads, Global simulation of stable water isotope circulation using Iso-GSM and spectrum nudging, In proceedings of 3rd WCRP International Conference on Reanalysis, Tokyo, Jan 28 - Feb 1, 2008.
  3. K. Yoshimura and T. Oki, Today's series contribution to PUB: Value-added water cycle information including flood risk prediction, PUB Newsletter, 2.3, September 2007. &ref(): File not found: "PUB Newsletter_September 2007.pdf" at page "CV_backup_20110210";
  4. K. Yoshimura, S. Miyazaki, W. Kim and S. Kanae, Offline isotopic land surface simulations by Iso-MATSIRO in tropical monsoon climate, iLEAPS News Letter, 3, 13-14, 2006. &ref(): File not found: "NL3_high_resolutionYoshimura.pdf" at page "CV_backup_20110210";

In Japanese

  1. NEW! 芳村圭、日本とアメリカでの研究生活の比較、サステナ、16、64-68、2010.
  2. 大楽浩司 、石崎紀子、金田幸恵、金丸秀樹、田中賢治、中野満寿男、芳村圭 高薮出、第2回国際ルンド地域気候モデリングワークショップ参加報告 天気、57, 89-95, 2010.
  3. 芳村圭,論文奨励賞を受賞して,水文水資源学会誌,22(2), 2009.
  4. 芳村圭, 大武美保子, ICSU 75周年行事「Global Scientific Challenges: Perspectives from Young Scientists」参加報告, 水文水資源学会誌, 20(6), pp542-544, 2007.
  5. 芳村圭、サンディエゴ便り-留学への若手向きアドバイス-、若手のページ、水文水資源学会誌、2007. filesuisui_wakate_yoshimura.pdf
  6. 芳村圭,世界のAI/日本の助手は「番頭さん」から脱却せよ,人工知能学会誌Vol.21, 6, pp724-726, 2006. fileAI_yoshimura_draft.pdf
  7. 芳村圭、藤田耕史、栗田直幸、阿部理、International Workshop on Isotopic Effects in Evaporation -Revisiting the Craig-Gordon Model Four Decades after its Formulation-参加報告、水文水資源学会誌、19(5), 2006. file060502pisa_final.pdf
  8. 栗田直幸、江守正多、遠藤崇浩、鼎信次郎、篠田太郎、鈴木健太郎、樋口篤志、芳村圭、渡部雅浩、第2回沼口敦さん記念シンポジウム「水循環環境科学のアプローチ」報告 天気、53, 791-798, 2006.
  9. 芳村圭、咲村隆人、沖大幹、2005年9月4日東京市街地浸水災害における気象水文状況分析、生産研究、Vol.58, No.4, pp.319-322, 2006.
  10. 芳村圭,蔵治光一郎を含む22名.『2020年の水文学と地球環境学を考える第2回研究集会』報告.水文水資源学会誌,Vol.16, No.4, pp.449-455, 2003. fileIriomote_draft.pdf

Recent Presentations

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Awards and Honors

  • NEW! 2008 Aug. Thesis Award for Young Scientists from Japan Society of Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering.
  • 2007 Apr. Invited to ICSU's 75th anniversary conference "Global Scientific Challenges: Perspectives from Young Scientists" as one of 142 young scientists, from 71 countries.
  • 2006 June - 2008 May, Postdoctoral Fellowships for Research Abroad, JSPS.
  • 2004 Mar. Young Scientist Thesis Award of Annual Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, Japan Society of Civil Engineering
  • 2002 Sep. Furuichi Award. (upper 10% of master course graduates)
  • 2001 Aug. Excellent Poster Award of Japan Society of Hydrology and Water Resources.


  • 2006 Mar., ラグランジュ的水・物質循環,第2回沼口シンポ「水循環環境科学のアプローチ」、駒場.
  • 2005 Jul., アジアモンスーンセッション,気象学会夏の学校,草津.
  • 2005 Jun., Session on Isotope Hydrology, 2005 AOGS meeting, Singapore

Invited Speech

  • 2010 April, Regional downscaling for stable water isotopes: A case study of an Atmospheric River event, Workshop on the water isotopologues in the atmosphere, Paris, France, 27-30 April 2010.
  • 2010 March, 気象・気候研究への水同位体大気モデルと水蒸気同位体比リモートセンシングの利用、安定同位体を用いて生態系と気候変動の関わりを科学する -陸と海と空,過去・現在・未来をつなぐ安定同位体―、三重大学、三重、10 March, 2010.
  • 2009 May, Incremental interpolation of coarse global forcings for regional model integrations, RCM2009, Lund, Sweden, May 4-8, 2009.
  • 2008 Nov., Isotope-incorporated global and regional spectral models, the SWING2 GNIP-Dynscape meeting, the IAEA headquarters, Vienna, Nov. 16-19, 2008.
  • 2007 Dec., K. Yoshimura, Introduction of Iso-GSM, International Symposium on Water Isotopes and Climates, Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan, 1-4 December, 2007.
  • 2006 Feb., 平成17年度HyARC研究集会『マルチスケールの水循環過程に対する水の水素・酸素安定同位体の応用』,名古屋.
  • 2005 Jul., 気象学会夏の学校,草津.
  • 2005 Jun., 2005 AOGS meeting, Singapore
  • 2005 Mar., 2005年森林水文ワークショップ,第116回日本森林学会大会,札幌.
  • 2005 Feb., 平成16年度HyARC研究集会『マルチスケールの水循環過程に対する水の水素・酸素安定同位体の応用』,名古屋.
  • 2004 Feb., 平成15年度HyARC研究集会『マルチスケールの水循環過程に対する水の水素・酸素安定同位体の応用』,名古屋.
  • 2003 May, 2003年度日本気象学会春季大会専門分科会『熱帯アジアモンスーンオンセットのメカニズム理解に向けて』,つくば.

Newspaper, etc.

  • SIO Exploration Magazine (2009Nov/Dec), "Not so much the heat, but the humidity",
  • WCRP News (2007/08/28), Report on ICSU Young Scientist Conference fileWCRPnews_20070828.pdf
  • しんぶん赤旗(2005/7/24 日) 「雨水のたびを調べる」
  • 朝日ニュースター『キッズニュース』(2004/6/20、26) HOTワード
  • 山梨日日新聞(2004/6/26 土) 山梨彩時記・夏「梅雨空に思い巡らす」
  • 朝日新聞朝刊(2004/5/13 木) 「東京の雨はブレンド品」
  • 日刊工業新聞(2004/5/13 木) 「地球規模で雨の起源推定」 

Thesis Titles

  • Doctoral Dissertation fileK_Yoshimura_Dthesis_200601.pdf:
    A Study on Systems of the Global Hydrologic Cycles with Stable Water Isotopic Information, PhD, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo. Feb 2006.
  • Master Thesis fileK_Yoshimura_Mthesis_200208.pdf:
    水の安定同位体比情報を用いた広域大気水循環過程の解明に関する研究 (A Study of Atmospheric water Circulation Processes by applying Stable Isotopic Information) 平成14年度東京大学大学院工学系研究科社会基盤工学専攻 修士論文, 2002年3月.
  • Graduate Thesis:
    コンクリートの熱伝導率に及ぼす配合と水分移動の影響について (Effect of Design and Water Movement on Thermal conductivity of Concrete) 平成12年度東京大学工学部社会基盤工学科 卒業論文、2000年3月。

Projects (PI only)

  • June 2006 – May 2008: Study on processes of Earth hydrological cycle with stable water isotopes, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, $88,000.
  • April 2005 – May 2006: Development of a stable water isotope circulation model with land surface process, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, $30,000.

All List

Memberships (Scholarly societies, professional boards, civic organizations, etc.).

  • Japan Society of Civil Engineering (March 2000-)
  • Japan Society of Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering (April 2001-)
  • Meteorological Society of Japan (March 2003-)
  • American Geophysical Union (Sept., 2004-)

As a Reviewer

  • Atmos. Phys. Chem.
  • Advances in Atmospheric Sciences
  • Advances in Geosciences
  • Asia-Pacific Journal of Atmospheric Sciences
  • Climate of the Past
  • Global and Climate Change
  • Hydrological Processes
  • Journal of Climate
  • Journal of Geophysical Research
  • Journal of Meteorological Society of Japan
  • Monthly Weather Review
  • Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
  • Water Resources Research
  • 水文水資源学会誌
  • 水工学論文集
  • 環境工学論文集