Lab Member

  • Kei Yoshimura (Assoc.Prof.)
    • isotope meteorology, land surface processes, dynamical downscaling, paleoclimate, data assimilation
  • Zhongfang Liu (JSPS PD fellow)
    • water isotope, teleconnection, Tibetan Plateau
  • Tomoko Nitta (D3)
    • snow modeling, climate change detection and attribution
  • Yusuke Sato(D1)
    • land surface modeling, anthropogenic impact
  • Atsushi Okazaki(M2)
    • isotope modeling for snow and icecore

Alumni/Thesis title(s)

  • Keitaro Kojima (2011M)
    • A study on stable water isotope in surface seawater by isotope incorporated-GCM and coral proxy records