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[[Kei YOSHIMURA in San Diego]]

Carriculum Vitae of Kei YOSHIMURA (at 2006/03)

**Education [#u423d21b]
- Feb., 2006: Ph.D, Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo.
- Sep., 2002: MSc in Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo.
- Mar., 2000: BSc in Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering, the University of Tokyo.
- (Sep. 2001- Mar. 2002: MA in Management as an exchange student, University of Durham Business School, UK)

**Employments [#tdf80d23]
- May 2004-present: Research Associate in Institute of Industial Science, the University of Tokyo.
- Oct. 2002-Apr.2004: Technical Research Fellow in Japan Science and Technology Agency.

**Achievements [#d2c6ed21]
- Papers with reviews (E5/8, J2/3):
++ 石崎安洋,芳村圭,沖大幹,鼎信次郎,CCSR/NIES 5.4g水同位体大循環モデル:改善のための感度実験,水工学論文集第50巻,93,2006.
++ Henderson-Sellers, A., M. Fischer, I. Aleinov, K. McGuffie, W.J. Riley, G. Schmidt, K.Sturm, and K. Yoshimura, Stable water isotope simulation by current land surface schemes: Results of iPILPS phase 1, Glob. Planet. Change, 51, 34-54, 2006.
++ Yoshimura, K., S. Miyazaki, S. Kanae, and T. Oki, Iso-MATSIRO, a land surface model that incorporates stable water isotopes, Glob. Planet. Change, 51, 90-107, 2006.
++ Ichiyanagi, K., K. Yoshimura, and M.D. Yamanaka, Validation of changing water origins over Indochina during the withdrawal of the Asian monsoon using stable isotopes, SOLA, in print.
++ Shinoda, T., H. Uyeda, and K. Yoshimura, Structure of moist layer and sources of water over the southern region far from the Meiyu/Baiyu front, J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 83, 137-152, 2005.
++ Yoshimura, K., T. Oki, and K. Ichiyanagi, Evaluation of two-dimensional atmospheric water circulation fields in reanalyses by using precipitation isotopes databases, J. Geophys. Res., 109(D20), doi:10.1029/2004JD004764, 2004.
++ Yoshimura, K., T. Oki, N. Ohte, and S. Kanae, Colored moisture analysis estimates of variations in 1998 Asian monsoon water sources, J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 82, 1315-1329, 2004.
++ 芳村圭,小池雅洋,沖大幹,大手信人, 地表面蒸発散による分別過程を考慮した水同位体陸面モデル及び流下スキームの構築, 水工学論文集第48巻, pp.229-234, 2004..
++ Yoshimura, K., T. Oki, N. Ohte, and M. Koike, Development and verification of  a vertical integrated two dimensional water isotope circulation model. J. Hydrosci. and Hydraul. Eng., Vol. 21, pp. 25-35, 2003.
++ Yoshimura, K., T. Oki, N. Ohte, and S. Kanae, A quantitative analysis of short-term 18O variability with a Rayleigh-type isotope circulation model. J. Geophys. Res., 108(D20), 4647, doi:10.1029/2003JD003477, 2003.
++ 芳村圭,沖大幹,大手信人,小池雅洋, 水の安定同位体(18O)の鉛直積分型水平2次元循環モデルの構築と検証, 水工学論文集第47巻, pp.109-114, 2003.

- Abstracts (selected):
++ 2005 Dec., A. Henderson-Sellers, K. Yoshimura, M. Fischer, P. Irannejad, K. McGuffie, W. Riley, G. Schmidt, K. Sturm, IPILPS:  Modelling stable water isotopes exchanges between the land and the atmosphere, 2005 AGU Fall meeting, 5-9 December 2005.
++ 2005 Dec., K. Yoshimura, T. Oki, S. Kanae, and S. Miyazaki, Isotopic impact of land surface processes on precipitation: A 15-year global simulation using iso-MATSIRO, 2005 AGU Fall meeting, 5-9 December 2005.
++ 2004 Dec., K. Yoshimura, T. Oki, N. Ohte, and S. Kanae, Estimation and validation of δ18O global distribution with Rayleigh-type two dimensional isotope circulation model, 2004 AGU Fall meeting, 13-17 December 2004..
++ 2004 Dec., K. Yoshimura, Effect of land surface processes on precipitation isotopes, in proceedings of 6th Int'l Study Conf. on GEWEX in Asia and GAME, T5KY06Aug04134056, 3-5 December 2004.

- Awards
--2006 June - 2008 May, Postdoctoral Fellowships for Research Abroad, JSPS.
--2004 Mar. Thesis Award of Annual Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, Japan Society of Civil Engineering
--2002 Sep. Furuichi Award. (upper 10% of master course graduates)
--2001 Aug. Excellent Poster Award of Japan Society of Hydrology and Water Resources.