Memo for

General tips

  • $HOME limit is 6GB.
  • $WORK limit is 4TB, and deletes after 10-day.
  • $SCRATCH is normally unavailable.
  • $ARCHIVER is and $ARCHIVE is unlimited. Use rcp to copy
    rcp $WORK/myfile ${ARCHIVER}:${ARCHIVE}

GSM/RSM tips

  1. Choose "ranger" as institution.
  2. Choose "intel" as machine.
  3. Choose "mpi" as march.
  4. Insert "USE IFPORT" in src/fcst/setras.F
  5. ln -s /usr/bin/gunzip uncompress
  6. Make path from ifort (/opt/apps/intel/10.1/fc/bin)
    $ module swap pgi intel
  7. Make path from intel-version of openmpi (/opt/apps/intel10_1/openmpi/1.3/bin)
    $ module add openmpi
  8. Add "-xW" option to options-intel-mpi in libs and gsm(rsm).
  9. qsub grsmscript to execute

qsub commands

showq -u       {info for your jobs}
showq          {system-wide job summaries}
qdel <jobid>   {kill a job}

Other Tips

  • intel-mvapich works only for GSM. Not sure the reason.
  • pgi-mvapich does not work at all.
  • only intel-openmpi is validated.