• AGU presentations were officially assigned.
    • Accurate reproduction of daily to interannual variations of stable water isotopes using Iso-GSM and spectral nudging technique [B12C-07 / Oral / 11:50, Monday / MW, Room 2008]
    • Dynamical Downscaling Technique for Global Climate Model [GC21A-0136 / Poster / 0800, Tuesday / MS, Exhibit Hall B]
    • A statistical estimation of flood risk using a 29-year river discharge simulation over Japan [H43B-1225 / Poster / 1340, Thursday / MS, Exhibit Hall B] -- 2007-10-20 (Sat) 05:02:58
  • Attending NOAA's WS@Tallahassee with two presentations (2007/10/22-26).
    • Kei Yoshimura and Masao Kanamitsu, Development of a Spectral Nudging Technique for Global Dynamical Downscaling.
    • Kei Yoshimura, Incorporation of stable water Isotopes in GSM and spectrum-nudged 28-year simulation. -- 2007-10-16 (Tue) 14:35:54
  • A short report on ICSU's Young Scientist conference is published on WCRP News. http://www.wmo.ch/pages/prog/wcrp/documents/WCRPnews_20070828.pdf -- 2007-09-27 (Thu) 10:11:28
  • An article on Today's Earth/Japan is published on the PUB newsletter. http://pub.iwmi.org/UI/Images/PUB%20Newsletter_September%202007.pdf -- 2007-09-27 (Thu) 10:10:13
  • Attending the Fourth Annual California Climate Change Conference in Sacramento (2007/09/10-13). -- 2007-09-07 (Fri) 15:22:55
  • A new paper on observation results of isotopes in a typhoon was submitted: H. Fudeyasu, K. Ichiyanagi, A. Sugimoto, K. Yoshimura, A. Ueta, M.D. Yamanaka, and K. Ozawa, Isotope ratios of precipitation and water vapor observed in Typhoon Shanshan. -- 2007-08-27 (Mon) 20:46:45
  • A new paper on stream flow simulation was submitted: K. Yoshimura, T. Sakimura, T. Oki, S. Kanae, and S. Seto, Toward flood risk prediction: a statistical approach using a 29-year river discharge simulation over Japan. It is a statistical post-process technique that is transferable to other model simulations by considering differences of biases and uncertainty of models.
    If you want an advance copy, please tell me. -- 2007-07-19 (Thu) 14:14:36
  • GuestBook is open. Please leave your message! -- 2007-06-19 (Tue) 02:06:34
  • Presentation at H02 in CMOS-CGU-AMS Congress 2007 by K. Sturm, K. Yoshimura, and H. Sodemann, A review of stable water isotope modelling: from process studies to isotope-enabled atmospheric circulation models. -- 2007-06-12 (Tue) 10:26:33
  • A new paper on dynamical global downscaling submitted: K. Yoshimura and M. Kanamitsu, Dynamical global downscaling of global reanalysis. A challenge to produce higher resolution global reanalysis datasets from coarse resolution reanalysis without re-running a expensive high-resolution assimilation.
    If you want an advance copy, please tell me.-- 2007-06-08 (Fri) 19:26:18
  • Made a personal blog. Visit http://k1yoshimura.wordpress.com -- 2007-06-08 (Fri) 12:59:38
  • Became an Assistant Professor (from 1 Apr.) -- 2007-04-19 (Thu) 15:12:24