*Syllabus of ADVANCED HYDROLOGY (2012) [#t3f1984c]
Updated on 2012/3/16
Updated on 2012/4/21

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**Lecturers [#l42d1c14]
Kei Yoshimura, Shinta Seto, Kazuo Oki, Goro Mouri, Daisuke Komori
**Hours [#n9bf9ac1]
Thursdays, 1:30pm-3:10pm (note: Tuesday May 1 instead of May 3)
**Venue [#e1403ab5]
As311 Komaba II Campus (except 10,17,24 May and 28 June)
**Email [#g9c3b27b]
-Kei YOSHIMURA (kei@aori.u-tokyo.ac.jp)
-Shinta SETO (seto@rainbow.iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp) 
-Kazuo OKI (kazu@rainbow.iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp)
-Goro MOURI (mouri@rainbow.iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp)
-Daisuke KOMORI (d-komori@rainbow.iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp)

**Recommended Text [#b4cb5561]
-Brutsaert, 2005, “Hydrology: An Introduction”, Cambridge Univ. Press 
(both Japanese and English version are available)

**Reference Textbooks [#k4fe7714]
-Dingman, 2002, Physical Hydrology, Prentice-Hall, Inc.  
-Chow, V.T., D.R. Maidment, and L.W. Mays, 1988, Applied Hydrology, McGraw-Hill Book Company.

**Topics [#xae6c603]
-Introduction: Hydrological cycle and Water Balance (Yoshimura)
--Basic Definition and Terms
--Global and Regional Hydrological Cycle and Water Balance
--Surface/Subsurface Hydrological Processes in a Basin
--Global Energy Balance
-Atmospheric circulations (Yoshimura)
--Dynamic motion of Atmosphere; momentum equations and Coriolis force
--Hadley/Ferrel/Polar circulations and Walker circulations
-Evapotranspiration processes (Yoshimura)
--Albedo and Bowen ratio
--Penman equation and Penman-Montieth equation
--Big-leaf models
-Runoff and River Flow (Yoshimura)
--Runoff Generation mechanisms, River flow routing
--Unit Hydrograph and Storm hydrograph
--Hydrograph separation and Baseflow recession
-Isotope Hydrology (Yoshimura)
--Stable water isotopes and isotopic fractionation
--Rayleigh’s Distillation Process
--Spacio/temporal distributions of precipitation water isotopes
-Precipitation, Water Vapor, Cloud, Snow (Seto)
--Cloud and Precipitation
--Cloud microphysics
--Statistical characteristics of precipitation rate
--Rain gauge
-Remote Sensing in Hydrology (Seto)
--Rain drop size distribution
--Weather radar
--Global precipitation maps
-Remote Sensing of Water Quality (Oki K.)
--Principles of remote sensing
--Case I water and case II Water
--Chlorophyll, Suspended Solids
-Water Quality (Oki K.)
--River Basin
--Pollution load such as nitrogen and phosphorus
--Mapping the Potential Annual Pollution Load in the River Basins
-Environmental Ecology and Modelling (Mouri)
--Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and Geographical Information System (GIS) in hydrology
--Sediment erosion and transport
--Environmental assessment from a water quality perspective
---Effects of land cover and human impact
-Uncertainty in Hydro-meteorological observation (Komori)
--Principles of surface turbulent flux observation
--Uncertainty in Hydro-meteorological observation
--Interaction between surface and atmosphere 
--Case study of water balance analysis
---The 2011 Chao Phraya River Flood of Central Thailand

**Evaluation [#hb24f140]
-60%   Term Project 
(Mid term Presentation (10%), Final Presentation (25%), Written Report (25%))
-40%   Lecture Attendance

**Lecture Dates [#qfcc0988]
+April  19@As311	Lecture #1    (Yoshimura)
+April 26@As311	Lecture #2   (Seto)
+May 1 (Tue)@As311	Lecture #3   (Seto)
+May 10@As313	Lecture #4    (Mouri)
+May 17@As303	Lecture #5    (Yoshimura)
+May 24@As303	Lecture #6    (Yoshimura)
+June 7@As311	Lecture #7    (Yoshimura)
+June 14@As311	Lecture #8    (Yoshimura)
+June 21@As311	Mid term presentation
+June 28@As303	Lecture #9  (K. Oki)
+July 5@As311	Lecture #10  (K. Oki)
+July 12@As311	Lecture #11  (Komori)
+July 19@As311	Final Project Presentation
+(July 26@As311 	Final Project Presentation if needed)