*Syllabus of ADVANCED HYDROLOGY (2018) [#sb632ed3]

BIG CHANGE from 2017!!

There is no Term Project in AH. Instead, Term Project is provided in Hydrospheric Science Project (HSP), on Wednesday 5th time slot, starting from April 5. Please be encouraged to take HSP, too. [[HSP2018]]

Updated on 2018/3/2

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**Lecturers [#v3e8692a]
Kei Yoshimura, Kazuo Oki, Hyungjun Kim, Dai Yamazaki, Taikan Oki

**Hours [#p8931ca4]
Tuesday and Friday 16:50-18:35
**Venue [#k0c24ef9]
Lecture room 13, in Eng. Building 1, Hongo Campus

**Email [#l52e59e6]
-Kei YOSHIMURA (kei"at"aori.u-tokyo.ac.jp)
-Kazuo OKI (kazu"at"iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp)
-Hyungjun KIM (hjkim"at"rainbow.iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp)
-Taikan OKI

**Recommended Text [#ve97d51c]
-Brutsaert, 2005, “Hydrology: An Introduction”, Cambridge Univ. Press 
(both Japanese and English version are available)

**Topics [#fed96dc8]
- Global Hydrological Cycle incl. Water/Energy Balance Eq. 
- Atmospheric Dynamics 
- Precipitation 
- Evapotranspiration 
- Runoff and River Flow / Flood statistics / Rainfall-Runoff Models
- Ground water hydrology
- Isotope Hydrology and Reanalyses 
- Environmental Ecology and Modelling 
- Water Quality
- Remote Sensing of Water Quality 
- Urban Water System

**Evaluation [#e6aaf991]
-30%  Lecture Attendance
-20%  Reports (occasionally given)
-50%  Final exam

**Lecture Dates [#ef3bd463]
+ 4/6 Guidance / Radiation and Water-Energy Balance (Yoshimura)
+ 4/10 Atmospheric Dynamics (Yoshimura)
+ 4/13 Global Hydrology (Oki T.)
+ 4/17 Advances in modeling and remote sensing of hydrology (Kim)
+ 4/20 Precipitation (Yoshimura)
+ 4/24 Evapotranspiration (Yoshimura)
+ 4/27 Runoff and River Flow / Flood statistics /Rainfall-Runoff Models (Yoshimura)
+ 5/1 Ground water hydrology (Yoshimura)
+ 5/8 Cutting-edge of hydrological modeling (Yamazaki)
+ 5/11 Isotope hydrology (Yoshimura)
+ 5/15 Remote Sensing of Water Quality (Oki K.)
+ 5/22 Cryospheric Hydrology (Yoshimura)
+ 5/25 Hydrology in the Anthropocene (Yoshimura)
+ 5/29 Final Exam