[[IT memo]]

* Memo for NERSC machines [#x28aabaf]

* Memo for franklin.nersc.gov [#q0cf2dd7]

** General tips [#e86aff65]
- about 40,000 cpu.
- $HOME limit is 15GB.
- $SCRATCH limit is 500GB. Purge after seven days.

** GSM/RSM tips [#a9b44e25]
+ Choose "nersc" as institution.
+ Choose "linux" as machine.
+ Choose "mpi" as march.
+ Change status(12) to status(8) in libs/lib/w3lib_linux/nainit.f 
+ ln -s /usr/bin/gunzip uncompress
+ F77=ftn in options-linux-mpi
+ Add "-Msave" in options-linux-mpi
+ Remove XXX_LIB 
+ qsub '''grsmscript''' to execute

** qsub commands [#hbd2bed7]
 qs -u <username>{info for your jobs}
 showq           {system-wide job summaries}
 qdel <jobid>    {kill a job}

** Other Tips [#z6de9f70]
- myquota
** Links [#j92d1ddd]
- http://www.nersc.gov/nusers/systems/franklin

* Memo for bassi.nersc.gov [#r6abfcab]
** General tips [#e86aff65]
* Memo for bassi.nersc.gov [#vca7f6d3]
** General tips [#dc2b22f3]
- small HPC. 122 8-way nodes.
- $HOME limit is 5GB.
- $SCRATCH limit is 250GB. NO PURGE.

** GSM/RSM tips [#a9b44e25]
** GSM/RSM tips [#f490dfdd]
-mtn program has some problem.
-in w3lib_ibmsp/nainit.f, status(8) should be status(11).

** Batch jobs [#hbd2bed7]
** Batch jobs [#fb346f96]
-llsubmit <script>: job submission
-llqs -u <username>: job status
-llcancel <id>: job cancel

** Other Tips [#z6de9f70]
- myquota
** Links [#j92d1ddd]
** Other Tips [#j8f768a9]
- myquota: to see your disk quota
** Links [#kb2f3ba4]
- http://www.nersc.gov/nusers/systems/bassi