* Utilities of ECPC/G-RSM [#ge110729]

*** scnvrt [#yf2c997e]

:Location of codes|libs/etc/utils/scnvrt.F (scnvrt.f:preprocessed)
:Location of executable |libs/etc/scnvrt
:Usage|scnvrt [atm-type] [sfc-type] jcap:ilon:jlat:lev -1:-1:-1:-1:-1 [in-format]:[out-format] [input-sigma-file]:[input-sfc-file] [output-sigma-file]:[output-sfc-file]
:Data convention (binary) |~
 [Fixed Header: 2032 byte]
 Header1: 32byte (4*8byte-characters)
          character*8 on85lab(4)
 blank:   8byte
 Header2: 1984byte (246*8byte-real+4*4byte-integer)
          real*8 fhour
          integer idate(4)
          real*8 si(kdim+1)
          real*8 sl(kdim)
          real*8 var(244-2*kdim) <- environmental parameters
 blank:   8byte
 [Variable Data: ((wave+1)*(wave+2)*8+8)*(2+kdim*4) byte]
  -> They are spectral coefficients.
 Data:    (wave+1)*(wave+2)*8byte-real
 blank:   8byte     
  * Repeat (2+kdim*4) times
  k=       1:       1 : orography
  k=       2:       2 : surface pressure
  k=       3:  kdim+2 : temperature
  k=  kdim+3:3*kdim+2 : divergence and vorticity
  k=3*kdim+3:4*kdim+2 : water (tracer1)

*** chgr [#c6d8ef2f]
:Location of codes| gsm/src/chgr/changers.F
:Location of binary executable| gsm/bin/chgr_${INPUT_RESOLUTION}.x
:Location of script executable| gruns/runscr/chgr
:Usage| gruns/runscr/chgr [input_sigma] [input_sfc] [output_sig] [output_sfc] [sfc type]
:Memo| environmental variable INPUT_RESOLUTION should be set.
*** pgb [#k9c952b9]
:Location of codes| gsm/src/pgb/pgb.F
:Location of binary executable| gsm/bin/pgb.x
:Location of script executable| gruns/runscr/pgb
:Usage| gruns/runscr/pgb [start hour of forecast] [end hour of forecast] [increment]
:Memo | input filename should be sig.ftXX . output becomes pgb.ftXX .
*** grmap [#r270bb9d]
:Description| Making ctl and idx files of a grib file to see by GrADS. 
:Location of codes| libs/etc/util_linux/grmap.F
:Location of executable| libs/etc
:Usage| grmap -g0 '''gribfile'''
:Location of executable| libs/etc/grmap
:Usage| grmap -g0 [gribfile]
:Note| Variable names should be registered in grib1.kpds5.vsnXX and grib1.kpds6.vsnXX files. (If not, the names will be wrongly printed in ctl file. It can be rewritten afterwards, though)
*** gribmap (not ECPC utility) [#b96bb63f]
:Location of codes|
:Location of executable|

*** grmean [#hfba6bd6]
:Description| calculate mean of set of grib files.
:Location of codes| libs/etc/util_linux/grmean.F
:Location of executable| libs/etc/grmean
:Usage| grmean -s [index_list] -o [output_file]
:Memo| Size of MTOTL, MMDAT, (and MDATA) should be changed for T248 or higher resolution. For T248, MTOTL=160 and MMDAT=50000000 work.~
The results are not exactly same as those from GrADS or equivalent tools due to data compression. The precision can be improved by increasing KPSD(22,N) in the source codes.