To Sweden

初めてスカンジナビアへ。Swine fluの影響で飛行機はガラガラかと思っていたらそうでもなく、San DiegoからChicagoへの飛行機はほぼ満席。マスクをしている人も一人もおらず、自分だけがマスクしているのがちょっと恥ずかしい感じであった。


category:Meeting author: kei at 2009-05-02 (Sat) 19:11:10

  • Hi Kei, Welcome to Sweden :) Hope you didnt catch any flu on the plane over... Lost your details since I can only access webmail, hope I can reach you via this site. Please send me a mail! -- Lego? 2009-05-03 (Sun) 15:24:39
  • Found it! Guess I should have checked the front page details first...:) -- Lego? 2009-05-03 (Sun) 15:28:59
  • What's up Legolas! I'm now in the Hotel in Lund. I love your country, men. What a long daytime :) Anyway, hope to see somewhere sometime soon! -- Kei? 2009-05-03 (Sun) 21:03:32