Tracer Experiment (and Colored Moisture Analysis; CMA)

General Info.

  • Change "ntrac_" in define.h.
  • ntrac_=2 is taken by ozone, so that numbers more than 3 are available. (Sometimes number 3 is taken by cloud water. Not yet for a solution)
  • Tracers will not be output in grib files by default. subpgb.F should be modified to include them to grib output files.
    • By default, there are 3 slots for tracers/clouds (ozone, cloud water (mixture of cloud water and ice), rain water (mixture of rain water, snow, and graupel)). In a tracer experiment, use some or all of them to save.
  • Tracers will be output to sigma files (sig.ftXX).
  • By default, tracers (ntrac_>3) are just air-equivalent particles. Will not be diminished nor increased.

General Info for CMA

  • Modification is required to add the same behavior as water, particularly into the precipitation processes (convection, shallow convection, and large scale condensation) and into the evaporation process from surface boundary.

Specification for CMA

  • New subroutines
    • None
  • Modified subroutines
    • moninp.F : for evaporation process from surface boundary
    • gbphys.F : for precipitation processes.
    • subpgb.F : for output.

Step by step