River Routine Tips

  • Description of a river model attached with CCSR/NIES GCM
  • Main program: src/physics/pgriv.F
  • Material: file061101TRIP-GCM.pdf


Old version

  • No TRIP (Oki and Sud, 1998) formulation.
    • Explicit function.
  • Calculation by I-J cordination order (NOT from upstream to downstream)

New Version (as of 2006/11/24)

  • Source Code: filepgriv.F.txt
  • TRIP formulation (analytic solution of transport equation) is incorpolated. (add -DOPT_TRIP in Mkinclude)
  • Parallel calculation is realized without bugs.
  • Distinguish RUNOF (runoff from LSM) and RRUNOF (river runoff).
  • Give RDEST values (distance to adjacent grid) to river mouth (IMAP=9)
  • No consideration of "Meandering ratio". --> Can be considered by a change of flow velocity.
  • Verified version:
    • 5.6b

Isotopic Version (as of 2006/11/24)

  • Source Code: filepgriv-isomat.F.txt
  • nonstd/pgriv-isomat.F
  • Works with
    • DOPT_NTR=4 (3: Oxygen iso, 4: Hydrogen iso)
    • KRIVMAX>=1
  • Verified version:
    • 5.6b (with Iso-MATSIRO)

River Only Version (as of 2006/02/01 for Sakimura-kun)

Making a new project, offriv, to src/proj.

  • Main Source Code: fileaadmnsfc-riv.F.txt
  • nonstd/aadmnsfc-riv.F.txt
  • Tar file: fileoffriv.tar
    • extract it in $AGCMDIR/
  • Input:
    • RUNOFF (and IRUNOFF for isotope)
  • Output:
    • RFLOW (and RFLOWXX for isotope): river flow (kg/s)
    • GDRIV (and GDRIVXX for isotope): river storage (kg/m/m)
    • RRUNOF (and RRUNOFXX for isotope): river runoff (kg/m/m/s) -> river flow divided by grid size.
    • INFLW (and INFLWXX for isotope): inflow to river (kg/m/m/s) -> sum of LSM runoff and flow from upstream.
    • XX is 01 and/or 02.