My Research

in Japanese

Scientific Interests (as of Jan 2009)

Stable water isotopes circulation

  • Numerical modeling of global and regional isotope circulation.
  • Minutes to interannual variations of stable water isotopes ratio in precipitation and vapor, and their quantitative interpretation as proxies.
  • Estimation and analysis of precipitation source regions
  • Relationship between isotopes and climate, and mechanism of appearance of the past climates’ isotopic proxies
  • In-situ and remote-sensing observation.

Dynamical downscaling

  • Development and improvement of AGCM and RCM
  • Methodology development of the dynamical downscaling.
  • Past and future changes in meso-scale climate and extremes.
  • Application studies on current and future water and energy issues.

Data assimilation

  • "Isotope Reanalysis".
  • Ensemble Kalman filtering.
  • Data assimilation of vapor isotopes observed by the satellite and ground-based spectroscopy sensors.

Terrestrial hydrologic cycles and impact assessment

  • Land surface modeling, a macro scale rain-runoff mechanism in particular.
  • Development of a river discharge simulation model with anthropogenic activity.
  • Prediction of river discharge and other terrestrial hydrologic variables for prevention of hazard and early warning.
  • Risk analysis of water-related hazards in the global warming scenarios.
  • A case study of a water-related hazard

Biogeochemical cycle

  • Modeling and data assimilation for global CO2 cycle.
  • Estimation of pollution source with biogeochemical tracers
  • Modeling of atmospheric transport with chemical process.